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It won't run on modern systems, it fails with an error:
Fatal error: glibc detected an invalid stdio handle
So please consider the debian jessie chroot environment.
If you found a solution to let it run on an modern system like debian 12, please let me know!


Because the old hlds_l executable does not run on modern systems, I created an chroot environment with
Debian 8 (jessie) and hlds_l already installed and patched with 'nowon'-fix and 'hlds_fix_20040707'.
Just run './start_hlds_won2.sh' to start the server. You can enter the chroot environment with './enter_hlds_user.sh'
Use './enter_hlds_user.sh root' to enter as root.
To change the port or hlds_l start arguments, please edit 'jessie_chroot/home/hlds/hlds_l/start.sh'

In case you prefer docker, you can use Ch0wW's Dockerfiles https://github.com/ch0wW/docker-hlds-won2