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What is this about?

Hi, I'm Marcus (DeltaLima) and I really like running GoldSrc based servers because I rly love Half-Life.

Also having retro computing as a hobby, brings me up to host older versions, which would techni-
cally run on an old machine from back in the day.
So you can still play CS 1.5 online on your Pentium II Machine isn't THAT great? :D

And as I'm an OpenSource / Linux / Nerdy person I run Xash3D Servers as well and actually
trying to get a hlds version/variant running on ReactOS :)

Servers - let's have a frag!

The servers have all quite the same config, so HLDM Servers have the same on every

Here is a list of all Servers actually running:


[D]eath[M]atch+BOTS HL.LA10CY.NET [DE]

Steam Link->

[D]eath[M]atch+BOTS HL.LA10CY.NET [DE]

WON2.net Link->

[D]eath[M]atch+BOTS HL.LA10CY.NET v0.19.4

Xash3D 0.19.4 Link->

[D]eath[M]atch+BOTS HL.LA10CY.NET v0.20

Xash3D 0.20 Link->

ReactOS 0.4.15 Xash3D 0.20.1 REACTOS.LA10CY.NET

Xash3D 0.20 Link->

ReactOS 0.4.15 Xash3D 0.19.4 REACTOS.LA10CY.NET

Xash3D 0.19.4 Link->
Detailed livestats



Obviously the Steam servers can only be played on with the Steam version of the game. Supprise :p
So go to steam, create an account and get your copy of Half-Life for 5 bucks today!


First things first. You have to own a legal copy of Half-Life by yourself for playing on any of the servers.

Anyway - Valve offers steamcmd where you can just get a copy of the "valve" directory of Half-Life
and this means, you got a copy of the game itself. Valves gives you this copy without asking of any
proof or accepting any license. So we can call it "free" as free beer from my perspective.

I made a script to download and compile Xash3D completely automatically on Ubuntu/Debian.
The script fetches the game files with steamcmd as described above, you get an ready to run build,
no shizzleing areound in the shell :) (knock knock to wood).
Find it here: https://git.la10cy.net/DeltaLima/xash3d-installscript
For Windows, please follow the instructions of the project itself:

Xash3D got ported to a variety of operating systems and devices. One of the most popular are
Android ports. With them you can play through the full game, or play multiplayer as well.

With Lambda1VR you can play Half-Life in VR on also play DeathMatch on the Xash3D server,
as it is based on it.
I tuned the Bots to the lowest skills so you have a chance as a human being in
their space and a lot of fun =D


For the WON2.net  version you can grab the Half-Life .iso from Archive.org and install the retail version
of Half-Life. Then just apply the patch from steamlessproject.nl:
And you are good to go go to play on at least my server :) Keep in Mind that downloading Sounds
and maps connecting the first time to an old WON-server takes quite a while. You can prevent
this with downloading the map/sound-package for my servers from the download section

If you are interested in hosting your own WON2.net server, then you'll find all files you need in
/downloads/hlds_won. There is also a tarball with a patched and pre-configured WON2.net
hlds_l server as well as a whole Debian jessie chroot with the same server. Reason for this is,
that the old hlds_l binary does not work with newer Debian versions because of libc6 stuff.


Have a look into subfolder /downloads/


I started this hobby back around 2004 when I was 13 and had a lot of time to play Counter-Strike
and tinker around with Linux. I named the server "Trinkstube-Sohland".
The website trinkstube-sohland.de.vu made it into the Archive: Trinkstube-Sohland.de.vu from 2006
and its later predecessor Trinkstube-Sohland.cf from 2020
As freenom.com closed, trinkstube-sohland.cf website is not online at the moment

The name comes from the fact that i lived close to an bar (in olderie german "Trinkstube")
and Sohland the small village where I grew up.
The server ran for about 1-2 years and then I took them for whatever reason offline.
In 2018 I found an old backup from this server and I decided to bring them back alive! And holy!
The forum still exists (external one) and everything worked fine after some tinkering.

The old WON hlds linux binaries do not run with Debian 9 or later, you have to use Debian 8 or similar.
I've packed a Debian 8 (jessie) 32bit chroot together along with an patched hlds_s WON server.
Download it from /downloads/server/hlds_won/ (hlds_won2_jessie_chroot.tgz).

It is very funny to revisit the own stuff as professional Linux Systems Engineer nowdays and see
those first steps again and doing a bit more professional now then back in the day - hopefully ;)

v42/12.02.2024 (linux-amd64 build 161)